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A form is like a window into an organisation.


In an instant, it reveals the nature of a business. Is it clear, efficient, well organised and progressive? Or, is it cluttered, confused, inefficient and outdated? A form that confuses and baffles a customer?


A form that creates frustrated staff and causes even small errors can cost a company staggering amounts of money.

That’s the sort of form that can lose a customer.


And if that error is repeated over and over again, that can mean thousands of dollars lost, perhaps millions.


Howick Design was founded in 1992 by Craig Dartnell after he left a position designing in-house forms for one of Australia’s top four banks. Craig is renowned globally for his expertise in forms design and usability and regularly speaks at business conferences. 


Howick Design specialises in helping customers to redesign forms and documentation for improved readability, comprehension and customer appeal. We develop all sorts of forms ranging from simple low volume internal forms through to high volume public use documents such as statements, applications and claim forms.


Specalists in forms analysis, forms design and customer experience

Howick Design

forms design



We analyse forms to focus on simplifying their use, improving data integrity and increasing business efficiency.

Fillable PDF Forms

We are experts in the development of fillable PDF forms. We can take your existing forms and add intelligent features to them so that they can be completed online, saved locally or even submitted.

HTML5 Web Forms

We have tools available that allow for a single form design to be rendered in either in HTML5 or interactive PDF.

HTML5 forms improve user experiences, increasing efficiency and responsiveness, and overcome the problems associated with users completing PDF forms within browsers or on mobile devices.


When designing a form we seek to achieve an end result that:

  • increases productivity by creating a business tool which is self-instructive

  • encourages a cooperative response

  • provides for easy entry of data

  • reduces the potential for error

  • enhances the organisation’s image


We develop both PDF and HTML5 forms that meet WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines. We are also able to facilitate bulk remediation of existing forms and documents.


Forms testing involves us studying the

interaction between a user and a form.

We do this to gather information about

the behavior of people when they use a

particular form and often use the

information to fine tune our designs.